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NATIX provides you with all technological enablers to create and maintain your desired event detection solution, on the Edge, and with high efficiency. We provide an end-2-end solution for this purpose.

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Core Technology

Since our Technology is highly complex we broke it down into various components and their functionalities.

Build & Customize

Building event detection AI, tailored to your use-case. A simple and read-to-use SDK with powerful features.


Deploy & Anonymize

Deploy and manage AI applications, customize your workflows, and do more with NATIX Essentials!

NATIX Vision Deploy

NATIX Essentials

Interact & Inform

View the events in an intuitive dashboard, share the data with relevant parties and access the data lake with a powerful API.

NATIX Edge Insights

Select & Detect

A UI based simplified process. Select NATIX or 3rd party Apps, purchase and bring them to your devices.

NATIX Vision Store

Utilize & Scale

Fully Utilize your cameras and Edge resources towards better detection and decision making.

NATIX GovernEdge


Build & Customize With


Using NATIX Vision SDK, developers can build Event Detection AI with only few simple lines of code.

Simplicity is the key when it comes to our SDK . It’s written in Python and computer vision developers will find it easy to comprehend.

You can find our SDK features on the right.

Object Detection

Detect object such as Human, Bicycle, Vehicles, Clothes & Equipment, Tools, etc.

Static Zoning

Defined virtual zones, for the purpose of object counting, duration of stay, etc.

Object Tracking

Estimate the state of the target object present in the scene from previous information.

Object Trajectory

Predict the trajectory of a moving object


Localize the target object in the scene

Dynamic Zoning

Create on-the-fly virtual zones around detected objects

Deploy & manage With

NATIX Vision Deploy

NATIX Vision Deploy brings not only intelligence but also security to your cameras.  

Experts can deploy the developed event detection Application to a set of compatible devices.

With our Over The Air (OTA) technology, System Admins can control the application workflows and send notifications without worrying about security of the network or maintenance of the software on the devices.

want to do more? Scroll down to see our Vision Essentials!

Video Stream receiver abstraction

Workflow controller for attaching an arbitrary event detection and analysis step

Standard connector for Metadata and Video Footage

OS and Application Dependency manager

On-device Secrets (Credential) vault

OTA Software update and management

anonymize and more With


You can decide to make use of our Essential add-ons at any deployment stage

Anonymization AI

Within the workflow of detection, sometime it is required to share the relevant footage with relevant parties for human review. To assure data compliance of the system, NATIX offers a comprehensive range of on-camera anonymization AIs as add-ons.

Face anonymization

Body anonymization

Licence plate anonymization

Camera Health AI

Cameras are out in the physical world with no one protecting them. It’s important for the owner to be notified when the camera is unable to function as expected. Thieves trying to mess around with your camera or a wind blowing and changing its direction? No prblem! Our Camera Health AI can detect such event and notify you in real time.


Pixel Defect

Bad weather conditions

Abnormal change of views

Video Optimization

Dealing with video means dealing with large data sizes. This can result in slower processing time and increased communication costs. Our Video Optimization techniques help you to reduce the video size to minimizing your processing time and bandwidth requirements.

Video stream optimization for faster local processing

Relevant footage extracting for optimized stored

Video comparison

Interact & Inform with

EdgeInsights & EdgeInsights Connect

View the events in an intuitive dashboard, share the data with relevant parties and access the data lake with a powerful API.


NATIX EdgeInsight is our advanced event dashboard. It enables the user to get a consolidated view on the detected events from multiple cameras and act upon them.

Instant highlights of events

Notification to administrator

Download pdf

EdgeInsights Conneect

NATIX EdgeInsights Connect is a data lake with an extensive API. It enables  easily access to the data for further analysis.

Easy data collection and accessibility

A data structure based on Fiware (EU standard).

Ready for Event detection computer vision systems

Supporting a wide-range of further analysis and future applications

Supporting automation of the integration with new and existing systems

Download pdf
Select & Detect with

VisionStore & Vision Framework

Our goal is to create a larger ecosystem around our technology and make it even easier to use. Third parties can build new event detection AIs and monetize them, alongside NATIX ones. We also make it easy for  the camera owners! With few simple clicks, you can select your AI, run it on your camera and manage notifications.

Vision Framework

With NATIX Vision Framework, developers can extend the use-cases of NATIX Vision SDK. They can bring their own AIs on the Edge yet using all the capability of NATIX technology like Essentials and Vision Deploy.


VisionStore is not just a marketplace for event detection AI apps. Select
Anyone can select the desired event detection application from the store (both NATIX and 3rd party vendors) & select the camera to run that event detection on.

NATIX VisionStore makes everything UI-Based and simply Click & Detect.

Utilize & Scale with


NATIX GovernEdge enables a collaborative multi party camera network in which devices talk to each other to deliver better detection, prediction and planning.

The product that we have here so far is Edgedrive which is for storage capacity sharing in a multiparty camera/edge network. Cities & businesses can Scale across Edge (Multiparty)

NATIX Edge DATA Management


NATIX Edge DATA Management


NATIX Edge DATA Management