Parking Spot Monitoring

Optimizing the utilisation of your outdoor parking facility

The Parking Spot Monitoring is an AI-based parking lot management system with integrated analytics. It provides real-time information on free/occupied parking spots, The in-depth analytics provides you with even more insight such as spot availability, parking duration, parking violations.

Gain real-time insight on your parking lots
Better utilize your parking lot and manage it more efficiently
Increase satisfaction of your visitors
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Virtual Doorman

COVID Regulation Monitoring

NATIX Virtual Doorman is an intelligent plug-and-play solution that controls the compliancy of your visitors with COVID safety regulation: face-mask and maximum occupancy limits.

Increase the safety of your facility
Reduce your staff and administrative overhead
Avoid unforeseen shut-down of your operation
Protect your visitors’ and/or employees’ privacy
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Zone Safety Supervision

Prevent accidents and improve worker safety

The Zone Safety Supervisor is an AI-based solution that monitors your industrial facility in real-time, detects safety protocol violations and immediately notifies the safety staff and/or other safety systems (e.g. alarm). The solution enables you to Intervene proactively and prevent accidents.

Make your facility a safer place for the workers
Reduce surveillancee staff & administrative overhead
GDPR compliant and aproved by worker unions
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Crowd Density

Counting the density of people in indoor and outdoor areas for better planning

Crowd Density provides real-time and over-time insight on the crowd size and density at different locations of the city or events. The enriched dashboard will provide all the data needed for municipalities and event organizers to improve their strategies and do more insighful plannings.

Increase the safety of your facility
Reduce your staff and administrative overhead
Avoid unforeseen shut-down of your operation
Protect your visitors’ and employees’ privacy
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Why use the Parking Spot Monitoring?

The Problem

Every car driver spends approx. 100 hours a year searching for a parking spot, accounting for one third of city traffic. No real-time knowledge about the parking lots makes it difficult to solve this problem.

Non-efficient solutions

Human-run manual or non-connected digital systems are the cause of immense traffic in and around public open air parking lots

Expensive solutions

Non-camera based solutions can get very expensive very quickly due to heavy infrastructure requirement (e.g. one parking sensor per spot)

Intensive installation processes

Non-camera based solutions require installation processes that cause distortion in normal parking activities

Our Solution

Camera-based parking lot monitoring with integrated analytics helping to provide real-time insights to your parking lot.

Camera-based parking

Camera-based parking lot monitoring with integrated analytics helping to provide real-time insights to your parking lot.

Parking violation detection (add-on

Parking in forbidden zones or poorly parked cars taking multiple spots


In-depth dashboard analytics for the parking lot


Privacy through on-camera face anonymization and on-camera processing

Why use the Virtual Doorman?

The Problem

Safety has been increasingly becoming the top priority during the pandemics. Manual safety control methods are costly and prone to error.

Higher health risk

Lack of adequate supervision can lead to increased health risk for the staff and the visitors

Labour intensive setups

Using security staff to monitor compliance with safety regulation is inefficient, costy and unscalable

Higher health risk

Shutting down the operation due to pandemic spread in a facility can impose fatal costs to businesses

Our Solution

Anonymized real-time mask detection and occupancy monitoring

Face mask detection

Reminding visitors to wear masks (via an LCD) if they are not and thanking them if they are

Maximum occupancy and entry control

Counting the number of people entering and leaving the facility and controlling the entry once the limit is reached

Violation SMS to administrator

In case someone enters without a mask or while asked not to, the admin will a get an SMS

Why use the Zone Safety Supervision?

The Problem

Injuries caused by the negligence in workplace safety monitoring result in billions of Euros of direct cost per year. Current manual monitorings by safety personnel is not enough because they are:


Require large number of safety staff controlling the compliance with safety protocols

Prone to human errors

Looking manually or at a stream of video means many events will be overlooked

Not scalable

The large human resource required for the job limits its scalability and can slow down growth

Not scalable

Our Solution

Automated real-time monitoring of industrial zones and detection of safety protocol violations.

Detect safety hazards

Geofence multiple zones, monitor worker presence and detect safety protocol violations (e.g. entry into hazardous areas)

Intervene proactively

Send notifications to supervisors and other safety systems (e.g. alarm) in real-time for fast response

User analytics

Use our advanced analytics and coaching modules to improve worker safety


On-device processing with no collection, storage or sharing of personal data

Why use the Crowd Density?

The Problem

Planning has been ruled for decades by automobile interests but that’s changing now. Insight on crowd size and density is becoming more popular to design better and safer streets, parks, bike-share systems and bus networks.


Manual counting is expensive due to the deployment of human resources

Prone to error

Manual counting is prone to (appx. 30%) error when relying on continuous staff attentiveness

Inconvenient for visitors

Manual solutions limit entrance/exit points which results in inconvenience.

Limited insight

Most camera-based solutions focus on the total number of people and disregard the density clustering

Our Solution

Camera-based live and over time people counting with analytics and reporting tools for better planning.


Real-time people number and density counter for the area of your choice

In-depth analytics

Data visualization via dashboard, heat maps, etc. to show crowd’s position, movement and behaviour


Create reports and share with other stakeholders (e.g. between city planning department and emergency department)


On-device processing with no collection, storage or sharing of personal data

Applicable for

Educational facilities, public offices
Indoor and outdoor events (e.g. exhibition/trade fairs)
Elderly care homes and hospitals

Your Benefits

Make you facility safer for visitors and staff
Decrease your staff cost associated with monitoring
Avoid unforeseen shutting down of your operation

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Applicable for

Parking management companies
Parking inspectors

Your Benefits

Better utilization of your parking facilities
Eliminating unnecessary parking-related traffic and reducing pollution
Increase the life quality of nearby living residents and satisfaction of your visitors

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Applicable for

Metal and mining
Oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical
Ship building

Your Benefits

Make your facility safer for the workers
Improve worker behaviour across your organization
Customize your training for group of workers or individuals

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Applicable for

State governments and municipalities
Organizers of events and venues of mass gatherings
Ship building

Your Benefits

Better infrastructure planning: designing better streets, parks, bike-share systems and bus networks
Improving crowd management strategies: detailed analysis enables you to refine your strategies to avoid crowd-related disasters and ensure public safety
Emergency planning: data-driven insights for better emergency planning and emergency protocol optimization

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Easy installation

The solution can be installed fast without causing distortion in normal activities.

We play well with others

Our system can be easily integrated with any internal or 3rd party systems with our real-time API. You won’t have a vendor lock with NATIX.

Don’t worry about privacy

All processing happens on-device (at your premise) and no sensitive data (e.g. footage) leaves it. Additionally, our real-time anonymization AI removes personal data (e.g. faces) from the footage on the device.

Same device, limitless use-cases

With our over-the-air technology, the system can be updated remotely with improved detection software or newly built one

What’s included?

Virtual Doorman software
Hardware (LCD, prozessor, camera)
Installation (by NATIX reps)
Over-the-air software updates
Technical after-sales support
SMS Alert (to the number of your choice)

Additional features

More detection softwares (e.g. crowd flow)
Real-time API (to connect with other systems)
Advanced analytics

Cleanstage Integration

The Virtual Doorman has been integrated in the Cleanstage hygienic container. Cleanstage makes sure that the visitors and employees are complying with important hygiene standards before entering the facility. The solutions offers mask control, fever control, contactless hand disinfection and more.

Possible Application Areas:
Schools, authorities
Commercial facilities
Retirement homes, hospitals
Events and Hotels
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