Your Privacy Matters!

Video generated by cameras contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Our technology protects citizens' identities and ensures the highest degree of legal compliance.

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NATIX Edge (on-device) Computing

(on-device) Computing

Bringing AI to the camera
On-device (local) processing
Privacy-preserving metadata extraction
Saving internet bandwidth

No need to send video data (with personal information) to Cloud! Thanks to our optimized AI, the video is processed localy and in real-time. Only numeric data (e.g. crowd size) is sent outside the device.


Anonymization AI

Redaction faces, license plates and more!
Bluring/redacting of personal information
Optimized for on device annonymization

We do not send any video footage to parties unless they certainly need it. In this case, our annonymization AI can redact/blur personal information in real-time and before sharing it outside the camera network.

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NATIX PII-Free Patent

No personal data generated (by design)
Turning cameras into privacy-compliant sensors
Perfect solution for public sensing

Post-annonymization techniques are not 100% GDPR compliant. With our patent, cameras  will not generate personal information by design! More info on this soon!

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