Edge Drive

Secure and reliable decentralized (video) data management tool

Edge Drive is a decentralized video data management tool custom designed for cities and industrial campuses. The solution is build on SLIX, our open source identification and authorization protocol.

Monitor, manage and utilize the storage capacity of your devices in real-time
Locate and download your video footage as easy as your personal files in your Dropbox
Share your data with other parties inside and outside your organization while having full control over it.

How does Edge Drive work?

Step 1

Onboard your device

Install the NATIX Agent on your device, generate a decentralized identifier (DID) and connect it to the device owner.

Step 2

Manage your device

Determine the interaction points, the automation settings and the limits onf the in-and outbound data for storage of your device.

Step 3

Utilize the network

Let your device interact with the network and contribute to and benefit from the pool of recources. You are not out there with your device but there is nothing to worry about - you always stay in the loop.

Interesting Features for System Admins

Easy setup and installation

Decentralized ID administration

Device permission management

Set up interaction policies and automate