Benefits of NATIX Edge Vision

There are many, but we will only name a few.

Drastically Lower Costs

Since we are fully compatible there is no need to install additional sensor infrastructure; You can utilize the already existing camera sensors. Also NATIX decreases your communication costs, saves your network bandwidth and improves the computational capacity available within your fleet of edge devices.


All processing happens on-device and no sensitive data (e.g. footage) leaves it. In case any footage has to be sent out, NATIX anonymization AI removes personal data (e.g. faces) from the video on the device and in real-time.

Infrastructure Sharing

Different entities (e.g. Municipalities, Businesses, etc.) can cross-share the camera infrastructure for event recognition without providing access to the camera or the live video feed. Instead, they can share AI models that are executed locally with detection results being shared with relevant stakeholders.

Reduced Time-to-Launch

With the help of our Vision SDK, Vision Deploy and other technical enablers, develop new AI Models with only a few lines of code and bring it to the hardware of your choice, over the air and in no time. This means drastically lower Data Engineer and DevOps effort for your projects. 

Speed & Latency

Time sensitive applications such as autonomous driving or worker safety monitoring require instant analysis of data and close to real-time reaction times. With NATIX, there is no need to send the data to the cloud or data centers and wait for a response back. The video is process locally leading to a faster reaction time!

Build More and Scale

Want your camera to detect multiple events in parallel, no problem! Build your new AI with our Vision SKD and use our over-the-air (OTA) technology to update your device with new batch of AI software.