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As a company, NATIX stands by the belief that technology should increase the quality of life of citizens without intruding their privacy. 

Core values

We believe in what we do

We love what we do

We translate complexity into simplicity

Integrity and honesty


Our team is a mixture of IoT and AI specialists as well as business and product enthusiasts. The co-founders know each other for years and have worked together under different constellations. After working with various well-known corporates and startups, they decided to commit to the journey of helping cities and industry to reach their full potential through the easy adoption of computer vision technologies. 

Although we are based in Hamburg we are a culturally diverse team coming from +7 countries in total. Feel free to contact anyone about any inquiries.

Alireza Ghods, Ph.D.


Omid Mogharian


Lorenz Muck


Alireza Ghias

Senior Engineer

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We are diverse team coming from more than 7 countries

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We are always on the hunt for talented and ambitious people. If you believe you fit to our vibe, contact us and join our family.

ou can find our job offer on our LinkedIn page.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the jobs and the application process.

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