Make your cameras smart and GDPR compliant

Our software gives cameras brains; Allowing your cameras to understand what you need, to help you take better, faster, and more efficient actions. All this without invading anyone's privacy!

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We bring artificial intelligence to your camera devices.

The goal of our AI and event detection software suite is to deliver cost efficient, privacy-preserving (GDPR compliant) and easy-to-use solutions for cities and industries in order to improve urban life and work environments. NATIX provides you with a fully compatible “ready to deploy on any device” computer vision solution with the benefits of the Edge.

How does NATIX work?

Connect off the shelve AI processors (Edge Computers) to your camera, install our software on them, and let the AI  track a change in any given state. These changes of states are what we call events. The connected Edge Computers process the video locally to identify your desired event happening. In the case of detection a notification is sent to the client of your choice.

Our event detection AI Modules at a glance:

Key features of your event detecion AI Modules

Object recognition

Detect object such as Human, Bicycle, Vehicles, Clothes & Equipment, Tools and more.

Virtual (Geo)fencing

Define virtual fences, count and aggregate number of Objects entering/leaving these areas.

Trajectory tracking

Understand the direction and trajectory of a moving Object.

Interested to find out more about our technology?

We made this easy for you! With our SDK and other technical enablers, develop new AI Models with only a few lines of code and bring it to the hardware of your choice, over the air and in no time.

Thanks to our SDK and other technical enablers, your developers can simply develop their own AI Models with only a few lines of code and bring it to the hardware of their choice.

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What is NATIX Edge Vision?

Edge computing brings computation, storage and analytics power closer to the location where it is needed, In our case - the camera! NATIX Edge Vision is an edge computing solution that enables you to process the video data locally. The features offered are all you need to create your  smart camera project.

Enhanced Privacy

On-device processing means no video leaves it. In cases needed, NATIX anonymization AI removes personal data from the footage before sharing it.

Lower Cost

Saving you a lot of money compared to other solutions on cloud and connectivy infrasturcutre, AI development and maintenance.

Unlimited Use-cases

With our over-the-air technology, the system can be updated remotely with new event detection software.

Use of this Technology

Decrease commute time
Decrease crime incidents
Increase worker safety
Decrease emergency response time
Improve infrastructure planning
Increase workplace security
Our products

Our Products

Cities and Industries can benefit from NATIX through:

Crowd Density

Crowd Density

Crowd Density provides real-time and over-time insight on the crowd size and density at different locations of the city or events. The provided analytics enables the municipalities and event organizers to improve their crowd-management strategies, emergency and infrastructure planning.

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Zone Security Supervision

Zone Security Supervision

The Zone Security Supervisor monitors your industrial facility in real-time, detects safety protocol violations and immediately notifies the safety staff and/or other safety systems (e.g. alarm system).

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Parking Spot Monitoring

Parking Spot Monitoring

The Parking Spot Monitoring is our AI-based parking lot management system with integrated analytics to gain real-time insight on their parking lots and manage them more efficiently.

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Virtual Doorman

Virtual Doorman

NATIX Virtual Doorman is a state-of-the-art plug and play solution that offers anonymized face-mask detection and maximum occupancy monitoring.

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Our Clients

NATIX Vision App

The NATIX Vision App is an iOS application that shows you several possibilities of Event Detection AI  across cities and industrial campuses. We aim to showcase you what is possible and hope to inspire you with new use-cases.

Face and body anonymization
Traffic participants detection
Mask detection
Virtual geofencing and object counting

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Hardware recommendation:
iOS devices with Apple A12 Bionic chip and above (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPad Air-3rd Generation, iPad Mini-5th Generation, iPad Pro-4th Generation and successor devices)

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